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Councils in NSW and recent mergers

There are currently a total of 128 local government areas in NSW, following a series of recent mergers, bringing the number down from a previous of 152.

Of the total number of Councils, 30 are considered to be within metropolitan Sydney. New

Councils that were created as a result of recent mergers in 2016 are as follows:

One of the most notable mergers was the creation of Cumberland Council and changes to the boundaries of the City of Parramatta. Below is a map showing the old boundaries of Parramatta (prior to 2016).

As can be seen in the map, Parramatta previously formed a "propeller" shape, stretching south of the Parramatta CBD towards Granville and then northeast towards Dundas/Epping and northwest towards Northmead and Winston Hills.

The new (current) boundaries of the City of Parramatta can be seen below:

As shown in the map, the boundaries of Parramatta now tend to shift mostly north of the Parramatta CBD, with a majority of Granville shifted to Cumberland Council. The Sydney Olympic Park area is now within Parramatta as well as more areas immediately north of the CBD including North Rocks and Carlingford.

For any questions about how recent Council boundary changes affect planning and Development Applications, feel free to get in contact.

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