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Change in terminology - Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 2018 amendments

A major amendment to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 came into effect earlier in 2018. A number of commonly used planning terms have now changed as a result of the new Act. Some of these terms include:

"Section 96" - This was the term used to describe an application to modify an existing development consent. Most people used this term because it referenced Section 96 of the Act. Section 96 has been replaced with Section 4.55.

"Section 79C Evaluation" - This clause outlines the matters that Council must assess before determining a Development Application. This has been replaced by Section 4.15.

"Section 82A Review" - This was the application for a review of a decision made by Council ie. when an application was refused and the applicant wishes for a review of the decision. This has been replaced by Section 8.3.

"Section 94 Contributions" - These were contributions made by developers to Councils to pay for community facilities eg. new parks and roads. This has been replaced by Section 7.11.

"Section 149 Certificates" These were planning certificates issued by Councils outlining the planning controls and other relevant information applying to a parcel of land. Has been replaced by Section 10.7 Certificates.

For any questions, regarding the above, feel free to get in contact.

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